Concerning Recent News Media Reports on Wage Reductions

The news media is reporting that General Assembly leadership and Gov. Malloy have reached a tentative budget agreement that assumes state employee concessions, in the form of a half percent reduction in raises, which would be negotiated for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

We have not agreed to any such reductions in wage increases nor have we had any discussions regarding this possibility. The proposal that has been put forward is a reduction in the “reserve for salary adjustment” line item in the budget. 

Budget Update - GA Special Session

Our lobbyist from AFT-CT has given the following update to the recently passed budget and the upcoming Special Session of the General Assembly:

The General Assembly will go into special session next week to complete its work on the budget.  Last week, Governor Malloy told the press of his desire to roll back some of the taxes on corporations and replace them with across the board spending cuts of 1.5%.  All debt service, including pensions and retiree healthcare, would be excluded.  So far, the General Assembly has not signed off on this plan and has yet to finalize its own plan for special session. 

Attached is a copy of what 1.5% cuts would look like if the General Assembly agreed to the Governor’s plan.  These are in addition to cuts that already exist in the budget passed June 3 (cuts from the previous year’s budget). 

Negotiations Committee Meeting August 4th

Chief Negotiator Christine Shanley-Buck will be holding a meeting to discuss strategies and potential contract issues in preparation for the upcoming contract negotiations.  The meeting is open to all A&R members.

Meeting date & time: August 4th @ 5:30 at the Union hall.  A light meal will be provided.   Please RSVP by August 3rd to Sandy or Karen at 860-953-1316 if you plan to attend.

A&R Chief Negotiator Appointed

A&R confirmed the nomination of Christine Shanley-Buck as Chief Negotiator for the upcoming contract.  Christine is a Legal Investigator at the Attorney General's Office and a steward for A&R.  Christine will be working with 1st Vice President Mike Myles and our union attorney Barry Scheinberg on our continued preparation for negotiations. 

Know Your Weingarten Rights

The rights of employees to the presence of a union steward during investigatory interviews was announced by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1975 in NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc. Since that case involved a clerk being investigated by the Weingarten Company, these rights have become known as Weingarten Rights.  An investigatory inverview occurs when a supervisor questions an employee to obtain information that could be used as a basis for dicipline or asks an employee to defend his or her conduct.