HEP Compliance for those without State Dental Coverage

Those who do not have State dental coverage may be receiving letters from Care Management Solutions (CMS) stating non-compliance due to the absence of dental cleanings.  If you are not enrolled in the State's dental plan, you do not need to complete the 2 annual cleanings.  There is no action that needs to be taken to resolve this issue; the letters of non-compliance are inaccurate for this situation and HEP compliance will not be impacted

Tuition Reimbursement Modified

A&R has come to an agreement with the State to modify our Tuition Reimbursement Memorandum of Understanding.

The agreement clarifies that employees are entitled to reimbursement for a maximum of twelve credits per contract year notwithstanding the number of courses taken. [A contract year runs from July 1 thru June 30]

The modified language reads as follows: "Employees shall be eligible for tuition reimbursement for a maximum of three (3) courses or twelve (12) credits or the equivalent per year."

Lump Sum Bonus Grievance

A&R has filed an institutional grievance related to the upcoming Lump Sum Bonus payments.  A&R employees who were on their 9th Step and therefore did not receive a step increase on 12/27/2013 are eligible for the Lump Sum Bonus.