Are YOU one of A&R’s Community Heros?

We know how generous our members are and we know that many of our members are involved in their communities.  If you would like to share your story regarding the work you are involved in within your community,  please email with your information.

Members being removed from HEP for non-compliance

The Healthcare Cost Containment Committee met on Monday Sept 8, 2014 to review HEP enrolled members and begin the process of removing them for non-compliance with 2013 HEP Medical Screening requirements.  Click MORE for additional details.

Tickets remaining for Foxwoods

We have several tickets left for our Foxwoods trip on October 12, 2014.  Click MORE to sign up, only $15!

A&R's Social Committee is having a trip to Foxwoods!  However we need to sell more tickets to fill the bus or we may be forced to cancel this trip. 

Foxwoods - October 12, 2014  $15

AFT National and AFT-CT dues increase

The union dues increase you will experience in your pay check dated September 19, 2014 is because national AFT National and AFT CT raised their dues at their conventions.  The increase will be $0.44 per pay period.

A&R is AFT Local 4200.  A&R has not raised our own dues, but we are required  to implement any dues increase approved by the national and state organizations.