DMV Wethersfield Closed Thru Tuesday

Finally, some sensible action as the Governor had to step in and close the DMV-Wethersfield Office for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.   There will be no employees allowed in the building while the state tries to clean and contain the virus which was clearly being passed through that building.  Thank you Governor Lamont for hearing us on this and taking action to overrule the Commissioner and shut that building down!!! DSS

We have 2 agencies that remain questionable as to their COVID19 response: one is DSS and the other is DMV...DMV is a complete debacle, as if no one is at the helm, while the DSS response has seemed chaotic and scattered, but at least manageable.  DMV has at least communicated with us, the only agency that has not communicated with us throughout this process has been DSS.  We now have a confirmed COVID19 case in the DSS central office building.  A&R has already responded by requesting of Commissioner Gifford and HR Director Davis that the central office agency should be shutdown through at least the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), as per CDC guidelines, as the coronavirus should not survive 3 days in the environment.  We will continue this push for the health of the people in that building.  In the meantime, anyone who beleives they have been in contact should inquire to HR about an immediate 14 day quarantine, or get a note from their doctor directing them to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days.  These situations should qualify you for the LOPD coding....remember, even if you are quarantined, you should continue to telecommute if possible.

As the situation evolves we will update the membership via the website.

Our number one priority is workplace safety.

The Debacle at DMV

The DMV Wethersfield Office has at least 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19 yet Commissioner Magubane has ordered all 400 employees at that building to continue to report to work as normal, designating all 400 as “Level 1 – essential”.  To be clear, workers are being told to report to work as usual to a building with a confirmed outbreak of coronavirus, despite the Governor’s Executive Orders for all citizens to “Stay safe, Stay home”.  Gubernatorial edicts to enact widespread telecommuting have been ignored at the DMV.  Commissioner Magubane, herself under quarantine due to exposure to the virus from a fellow DMV executive, sits far away self-monitoring.  She is safely away from the worksite – a worksite that clearly is a coronavirus “hot-zone”.  Yet Commissioner Magubane has directed all 400 employees to continue to report to a facility with multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19.   Her directive risks exposure for 400 employees, their families and everyone with whom they interact

This is beyond reckless and dangerous.  With the apparent exception of Commissioner Magubane, we all know the seriousness of this disease.  Magubane’s callous disregard for the wellbeing of her staff is reprehensible.  The interests of the agency are poorly served if the entire staff succumbs to coronavirus at once, a very possible outcome if employees are foolishly required to be in close quarters with one another, in direct violation of protocols mandated by the CDC, the Governor, and virtually every other authority on the subject.  These protocols have been properly implemented at nearly all agencies, with the glaring exception of DMV.   Commissioner Magubane has consistently shown a lack of initiative and understanding about her agency throughout her short tenure at DMV.  Her inability to grasp the concepts of public health and administer her agency accordingly, despite twelve consecutive days of Executive Orders from the Governor is just inexplicable. 

Commissioner Magubane needs to be removed from office immediately before the agency becomes defunct.  

We need employees to be safe.  Safety is the union’s number one priority.  The sheer volume of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the DMV Wethersfield building establishes it as a hot-zone.  We do not consider having employees in close proximity to each other in an infectious disease hot-zone to be safe.  Based on the Governor’s Executive Orders to stay safe, stay home, we are advising employees that if you believe you have been exposed to an employee with COVID-19 at the DMV-Wethersfield Office, then you should immediately go home and self-monitor for 14 days utilizing the LOPD code on your timesheet.  If telework is possible, then please telework.

COVID-19 3/22/2020

Quite a bit has happened since we will skip the step-by-step and cut right to the "where we are today"...Monday 3/23/2020.

Governor Lamont has released a series of Executive Orders since 3/12/20 (7 thru 7i) and this weekend announced his "Stay Safe, Stay Home" initiative.  It is the Stay Safe, Stay Home initiative that State Agencies are expected to be implementing this week.  DAS/OPM released the following guidance to all agencies.

The basic gist for State Employees is that agencies are looking to maintain a skeleton crew in the office and have the majority of employees telecommuting by Tuesday 3/24.  So agencies are expected to determine and notify each employee of their individual status by Monday night.

It is important to note that all scenarios below are paid status for employees.

The guidance reads as follows:

Employees with job functions determined by the agency head to be capable of teleworking and who are equipped to do so MUST telework.

In determining the appropriate category for each job classes (and, as applicable, which individuals within each job class) in your agency, we suggest you engage in the following analysis for each job class:

First, determine whether it is possible for the employees in that job class to telework. If the employees can perform their duties at home and there is no reasonable likelihood that any of the employees would need to physically report to work outside of their home, then the employees should be categorized as Level 2.

Second, for each job class for which the employees will not be able to telework full-time, determine whether the employees in that job class will be able to perform most of their duties at home but may also need to physically report to work outside of their home on a sporadic or as needed basis. Employees in that job class should be categorized as Level 1 Intermittent.

Third, for each job class for which it is not possible for the employees to work from home, full-time or part-time, determine whether the duties performed by such employees are necessary to the programs and services that your agency must continue to keep operational while the State confronts the COVID 19 pandemic. If the work is necessary to maintain such operations, then the employees should be categorized as Level 1 Constant.

Finally, if the work is not necessary to maintain such operations, then the employees should be categorized as Level 2 – Other. Employees in such job classes will be placed on paid leave pursuant to C.G.S. §5-248(a) and notified that they may be reassigned to other appropriate work, as needed in order to ensure that the State can maintain necessary operations.

Agencies should notify all employees that the designation is for this unique circumstance, and that as circumstances change so might a particular designation.

If an agency wants to consider a creative concept not contemplated here, they should contact their assigned Labor Relations Program Manager.

HEP Requirements Indefinitely Suspended

The Health Enhancement Program requirements are indefinitley suspended until further notice for all HEP enrollees and their dependents.  There will be no penalties implemented for outstanding HEP requirements for calendar year 2019.  The calendar year 2020 compliance monitoring is suspended until further notice.

This announcement was made by the plan adminstrator as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, with the goal of easing the strain on healthcare providers related to non-emergency visits.

COVID-19 3/19

We have not seen any additional statewide guidance today, however, we are seeing a HUGE movement towards telework, so we want to start by thanking all of the agencies who made this common-sense measure a reality.   Again, a tip-of-the-hat to the A&R stewards who have been out there with our members fielding questions and pushing the message, such a tremendous effort they have put forth; we give a thank you for the thankless job they are doing..

...that said, we still have pockets of problems...and it is time to call them out...this is a serious illness that is spreading rapidly and some directors/commissioners aren't following the advice of social-distancing and the recommendations for here is what we need to:

If you HAVE REQUESTED telework and NOT YET BEEN PERMITTED TO DO SO and your JOB IS CAPABLE of being done remotely...then we want to know:

your name
your agency
your directors name
your directors title
and your commissioners name...enough is enough, we need to call out agencies who continue to keep their employees and therefore the public at risk.

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