Telecommuting, FMLA and COVID-19 Virus: OPM/DAS Guidance Issued

UPDATE (3/9/20):
OPM/DAS had issued guidance to the agencies regarding novel coronavirus.  Over the weekend, OPM/DAS updated their guidance to restrict out-of-state travel by employees and to limit out of state contractors coming into the state (along with the normal “wash your hands” and Lysol your workstation message).

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Employees' Issues Press Conference

The coalition of labor unions representing faculty and professional staff in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) is organizing a press conference to highlight our shared legislative priorities. We need you to help show unity and solidarity in the face of attempts by system leadership and some on the Board of Regents to divide us:

WHAT: CSCU Unions Coalition Press Conference

Regional Legislative Meetings

In addition to the Legislative Conference (held on Feb 29, at the LOB).  AFT-CT also holds a series of Legislative regional meetings throughout the State.  This year's offerings are listed below... these are free events, typically with free food/drink and they offer a nice relaxed atmosphere to sit at a table with legislators.  There is no pressure, no need to engage if you don't wish to engage, just an opportunity to hear one-on-one discussions with legislators.

Thank You Jan Bureau!

We proudly announce that Jan Bureau, long-time Treasurer for A&R has retired from state service!  We want to wish Jan well as she heads to Maine for the summer, but we also want to thank her for all she has done for us serving as a union officer and a friend.  Jan is the person who always found humor in life.  She smiled endlessly, and she always had a joke she wanted you to hear...her jokes were almost always corny, but they also made you smile every time (and shake your head).  She is loaded with life and finally decided that she was ready to enjoy something different after a 32 year

Meet Your Legislators

Saturday February 29th (yes, it's a leap year!!!), AFT-CT is hosting a legislative conference at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford (you can park in the LOB garage for free).  It is a private event held at the LOB for A&R/AFT-CT members to meet and listen to State Senators and Representatives about the current legislative agenda.  This is your opportunity to hear and interact with legislators directly to see what they intend to accomplish in this legislative session.  The event is free and runs from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 29, 2020.  Breakfast and coffee are s

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plans to replace UnitedHealthcare Plans

As you may recall, Comptroller Kevin Lembo recently announced  that Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be the sole administrator of the state employee health plan beginning July 1, 2020.   Those who currently utilize UnitedHealthcare plans will be moved into Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield at that time.  In the vast majority of circumstances, healthcare providers that accept UnitedHealthcare will also accept Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but there may be exceptions.