A&R Accepts the Pension Changes For Tier 2/2A/3

The A&R Representative Assembly voted to accept the tentative agreement which would enhance the pension plan for Tier 2/2A/3.  Final ratification of the tentative agreement could come at SEBAC’s January meeting.  A majority vote of SEBAC Unions present and in good standing will be required to ratify the agreement. 

RA appoints Alice Sexton to fill A&R Secretary Vacancy

The Representative Assembly (RA) appointed Alice (Ally) Sexton to the vacant position of A&R Secretary at its December 19, 2013 meeting.  Ally works as an attorney at the Dept. of Transportation, she is one of our many active Stewards, and she previously served as Secretary of A&R from April 2011 through June 2013.

Please take the time to congratulate Ally on her appointment to Secretary of A&R!

Breakpoint Update

In accordance with SEBAC 2011, the State and the Unions have a tentative agreement on the changes to the Tier 2/2A/3 pension calculation. Click MORE for additional information.