Dual Employment w/ the State now less restrictive

DAS released General Letter #204 revised - Dual Employment May 12th, 2014.  General Letter #204 effectively limited or prevented most A&R employees from obtaining dual employment with the state.  The General Letter was in response to a change in interpretation by United States Department of Labor of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  After many discussions at both the State and Federal levels, DAS has revisited its approach to General Letter #204.

General Wage Increases & Retiree Health Care Trust Fund Payments

In accordance with Article 24 of the A&R contract, a 3% general wage increase for all A&R members became effective July 1, 2015.  The increase will be reflected in the July 23rd paycheck.  Annual increments and lump sum payments (Top Step Bonuses) will be recieved on time, which is late December, 2015 for most members.

HEP Compliance Rebates

Active members who successfully complied with the requirements related to any of the 5 chronic illnesses listed under the HEP (Health Enhancement Program) during 2014 will receive $100 in their August 7th paychecks.  Retirees in compliance will see the same amount in their checks on August 31. 

Rowland Layoff Settlement Status

The SEBAC lawsuit concerning the Rowland layoffs is nearing the final stagtes of settlement.  There are two steps remaining:  (1) The Connecticut General Assembly must review the settlement.  If the General Assembly takes no further action by June 1, 2015, the settlement will be deemed approved.  (2) The Court must approve the settlement.  The Court will schedule a hearing in the early fall in which it will consider whether to give final approval for the setlement.