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Anthem and Yale Medicine

Yale Medicine and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield reached a contract agreement last week for continued coverage.  Anyone who received a letter indicating that Yale Medicine would no longer be considered "in-network"  for Anthem insurance can be assured that this action was averted and there will be no disruption in health coverage for services provided by Yale Medicine.



Halloween Whodunnit October 22

There are just a few tickets remaining for the Halloween Whodunnit Cruise on the Connecticut River scheduled for Saturday October 22 (see the flyer).

If you are interested, A&R will be accepting credit card payments for this event.  There is a $1 transaction fee per ticket and the credit card transaction must be in-person at the A&R Office (no credit card transactions over the phone).

Contract Negotiations Update


The A&R Negotiation team met with the State on Thursday October 6th.  While we were hoping for some progress, the State simply confirmed what we suspected: the State has no interest in settling our contract.  The State chose to pay an outside law firm to do nothing more than waste our time. 


Labor Walks and Phone Banking

We need members to particpate in the Connecticut AFL-CIO Labor to Labor Program.  Join fellow union members in phone banking and/or door knocking to spread the word about labor-endorsed candidates.  You can also volunteer to do vital office work to support the labor walk and phone banking activities.  Volunteers can even win a cash prize just for participating!  Dates, places can be found at Connecticut AFL-CIO Labor to Labor Program.