Malloy is NOT our partner

In the Governor's State of the State address he referred to the various union leaders as his partner. We want to make a few things clear: 


Malloy's State of the State Address

The Governor's address to the General Assembly opened the 2016 Legislative Session.  The Governor made his budget proposal which targeted State Employees in several ways, including layoffs. 


UCPEA Contract

The University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association came to a contract agreement with the University in late December.  The members voted in favor of the contract 3:1 in mid January and the University's Board of Trustee's approved the contract last week.  While it is good to see a contract move forward, this agreement has limited cross-over for A&R for many reasons.  Foremost, UCPEA negotiates with the University, they do not negotiate with the State in the same manner that we engage the State.  Our negotiations are tied directly to the Governor's/Legislature's personnel c


Legislative Session Opens Feb 3

The 2016 General Assembly session opens Wednesday Feb 3 and the Governor will present his budget to the legislature.  The "leaked" budget (there are no accidental leaks) calls for layoffs and collective bargaining gains (page 27 of the pdf numbered as page apologies for the awful copy attached here).


A&R Negotiations Update

A&R held its 3rd Contract Negotiations meeting with the State on January 27th.  This meeting was very similar to the other meetings where proposals from both sides were introduced by the respective parties.  This session completed the process for new proposals and the negotiations will commence utilizing the proposals submitted at this point.  The discussions that followed were brief and limited to clarification rather than searching for common ground.  As examples:  A&R questioned why the State proposes a switch to utilizing the State Mediation/Arbitration Board rather than OLR, w


Rowland Settlement Awards In 1/22/16 Paystubs

All Emotional Distress/Punitive Damage awards of PL and Vacation time should have been applied in the 1/8/16 paystub or the 1/22/16 pay stub.

If you were employed on 11/17/2002 and suffered no ecomonic loss you should have recieved 10hrs PL.

If you bumped down you should have received 32hrs Vacation and 24hrs PL.

If you were laid-off you should have received 80hrs Vacation and 40hrs PL.