Here is the ACTUAL FRAMEWORK that resulted from the informal SEBAC discussions.  This is not up for ratification by the members yet.  We are continuing to address A&R contract language at the table.

It is vitally important that all members inform themselves by reading the framework.  This document encapsulates every facet of what is being proposed.  Don't be mislead by rumors in the press.  If it is not listed within - it is just rumor and not a part of the framework.

We will be updating the website with a reader friendly breakdown of the framework in short order.

Read the framework.  Discuss it with your colleagues.   Call us and ask questions.  Email us your questions.  We will be conducting member meetings to address you directly.  We shall publish information for FAQs.  We will do all it takes to inform you.  If this progresses to a formal membership vote, we need an informed membership participating in the ratification vote.  Every dues paying member gets to vote.

Expected timeframe for a membership ratification vote is mid-July.

Highlight of the terms:

  • Layoff protection through June 30, 2021
  • Pension & Healthcare benefits remain unchanged
  • Pension & Healthcare agreement extends 5 years to June 2027
  • 1st & 2nd years of contract wage freeze (1st year about to end)
  • 3rd year of contract $2k payment or $1k payment plus top step
  • 4th year of contract 3.5% wage increase increments & top step on time
  • 5th year of contract 3.5% wage increase increments & top step on time
  • Longevity payments made each year
  • Pension contribution 1.5% of wages effective July 1, 2017
  • Add'l pension contribution 0.5% of wages effectve July 1, 2019
  • Modest increase in healthcare contributions
  • COLA delays upon retirement

We will continue to work on our contract language through June and possibly have a membership ratification vote by mid-July.

- posted 5/23/17

Governor Releases Document

The Governor's Office was preparing to brief the legislature about its dealings with the Unions on labor savings for the current budget process.  In doing so, the document they prepared was released to the press.  While that document is not a document the unions are working from, the details in the document are reflective of the labor savings talks that the parties have been holding.



posted 5/12/17

Due to the recent free-fall in tax revenue, the current fiscal year has fallen into a deficit of roughly $350 million.  In response to the tax shortfall and the inability to achieve a legislative budget, the Governor’s Office has found it necessary to begin the process of layoffs in order to cut expenses.  These layoffs are the beginning of the budget mitigation plan and we expect nearly 4,200 layoffs in order to achieve the level of savings required to balance the budget.