HEP Chronic Condition Reminder

Any participant of HEP who has a Chronic Condition must complete all requirements prior to 12/31/2014 to be eligible for the $100 HEP compliance payment. 

If you have one or more of the chronic conditions, for each condition you must either take an online survey, read a fact sheet about your condition(s), or speak to a HEP nurse before December 31, 2014 to be compliant and eligible for the $100 payment.


January Annual Increase

For our members who receive a January AI, the January AI is effective 12/26/14.  Members will see this in their paycheck dated 1/24/15.  This is also the paycheck that members at top step will receive their top step bonus.

Click HERE for the A&R's wage scales (from DAS website)

Click HERE for the top step bonus for those at max step.


COMING SOON!  In January A&R will be releasing a new and improved website for our members!  This new website will work with any browser and will automatically adjust/re-format for viewing on your mobile device. It will have a scrolling message at the top for whenever we have important or breaking news for our members.   Additionally it will have more photos, more news stories, more member documents, and an easy to find  social committee page and union meeting calendar. 


Its Union Made

Looking to support working families and buy Union Made products? Looking for toy ideas for your local charity? Click HERE for a list from the AFL-CIO.