Labor Walks and Phone Banking

The reason A&R endorses candidates for the CT General Assembly Is pretty simple; it is the CT General Assembly that creates the budgets that dictate our wages and benefits and it is the CT General Assembly that creates the laws protecting (or eliminating) collective bargaining for State Employees.  Recently, we have had some concerns with some of the legislative actions taking place.  We had most Democrats abandon State employees during the budget adjustments last year and we have the Republicans campaigning for wage freezes, higher pension contributions and increasing employee cost sh


Time Change - Red Sox v Blue Jays

Those attending the bus trip to Fenway Park on Saturday October 1 need to be aware of a change in the game time and therefore the bus pick-up times.

The game was changed to a night game starting at 7:10 pm on October 1.  Therefore, the bus pick-ups will be at 2:45 in Cromwell and 3:00 in Vernon.

HEP Compliance Reminder

As the year winds down it is important for all members to ensure compliance with the Health Enhancement Program (HEP).  All persons covered under your health insurance must be HEP compliant.  Failure to achieve HEP compliance before January 1st, 2017 will result in increased insurance premiums of $100 per month as well as encumbering a $350 annual deductible per covered individual.  Stay healthy. Stay compliant.  Click the link below to review 2016 HEP requirements.

2016 HEP Requirements

Layoff Update

Layoffs in excess of 400 employees were recently announced at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  The layoffs are largely the result of an agency decision to privatize 20 group homes.  This continues the agency’s trend toward privatization, with nearly two-thirds of state-run group homes to be privatized.  No A&R titles have been impacted by the DDS layoffs thus far.  The expectation is that there will be some level of impact to A&R, but DDS has not informed us of any A&R positions that will be impacted by layoff.  We are monitoring the situation and remain cautiou


Health Care Premium Increase for non-union Employees

As part of the "austerity" budget bill passed in May 2016, non-union State employees will pay up to 18 percent of the total premium share for their medical coverage starting in October 2016.  This represents a near two-fold increase. Dental coverage premium share will remain the same, only the employee portion of the medical coverage will be increased.   The increase in the employee share of the medical premiums does NOT impact union employees.


Rowland Settlement Update

The Rowland settlement consists of two basic components, (1) Emotional Distress/Punitive Damages and (2) Economic Damages.  By now, everyone should have received the emotional distress/punitive damage award in the form of vacation days and/or personal days.  We are aware that most members have not yet received an offer to settle the Economic Damages portion of the award.  The Economic Damages payments are forthcoming, but have been delayed due to the complexity of processing them.  Members will be compensated for delayed payments by receiving 5% simple interest when their award is paid.