Rowland Layoff Settlement Status

The SEBAC lawsuit concerning the Rowland layoffs is nearing the final stagtes of settlement.  There are two steps remaining:  (1) The Connecticut General Assembly must review the settlement.  If the General Assembly takes no further action by June 1, 2015, the settlement will be deemed approved.  (2) The Court must approve the settlement.  The Court will schedule a hearing in the early fall in which it will consider whether to give final approval for the setlement.


Compound Drugs Require Prior Authorization

New guidelines have been issued by the Comptroller's Office which now require that, under our health plan, prior authorization be obtained  for compound medications containing non-FDA approved ingredients.  The issuance of the new guidelines was made by the Comptroller's Office without the consent of SEBAC.  As a result SEBAC has filed a grievance contesting the state's right to unilaterally establish guidelines without SEBAC's consent.  Follow the link to an FAQ issued by the C


Lake Compounce Family Fun Day!!!!!

A&R's Family Fun Day at Lake Compounce is Friday, July 10, 2015.
To order tickets: print and use the Ticket Purcase Form

.Deadlines: Tickets can be purchased by mail or in person.  Mail-in requests must be received at the A&R office by June 26th.  In-person requests must be received at the A&R office by noon, July 3rd.


Rock Cats Recognize Labor

A&R members can request Rock Cats tickets to attend "Organized Labor Recognition Night" on June 27th, 2015.  The tickets are free for this game, simply submit the form to the A&R office.    Rock Cats Tickets Request Form

There is a limited number of tickets available

May 6, 2015