Budget Agreement Died


The Budget Agreement reached by the Dems and Governor did not make it to a vote before the Legislative Session closed last night.


Layoff Update

A&R is aware of 27 members receiving layoff notices...the impacted titles are listed below.  We have not been made aware of any further layoffs for the month of April but more layoff notices are anticipated.

Further layoff information can be found on our website under Resources | Layoff Info.  There are some changes to the Seniority List, however, inaccuracies still exist.  If your Layoff Seniority is incorrect, please contact your agency's Human Resources Dept to make the correction.

Layoff Notices as of 5/5/16


Potential Budget Agreement Reached

Twenty three hours before the legislative session ends,apparently the Governor and the Democratic leadership at the legislature reached a budget agreement.  We have not seen the agreement other than this condensed version.  The agreement is not yet in the form of a bill, however, it is expected that it will be voted on before midnight tonight (5/4/16).


Dems Budget Rejected

With just a few days remaining in the current legislative session, there is a scramble at the Capitol to balance the 2015/16 budget shortfall and the projected 2016/17 budget shortfall. 

Updated revenue numbers fall short of expectations by roughly $40 million.  That sets the current fiscal deficit at $250 million and pushes the FY16/17 defecit to a projected $950 million.