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Tier 2/2A/3 Breakpoint

The Breakpoint is $83,400 through December 2019 (3.6% increase over 2018).
The Breakpoint is $80,537 through December 2018 (3.4% increase over 2017).
The Breakpoint is $77,889 through December 2017

Retirement Information

Pension Eligibility Requirements

Retirement Application Checklist

Comptroller's Website For Retirement Plan Summaries and Forms

Revised Pension Calculation Tier 2, 2A, 3

Pension Benefit Factors effective 1/1/2020
(the factors are the reduction in your pension based upon the type of annuity you select and the age of the designated beneficiary)

How To Calculate Your Pension From Your Couch


Explanation of CTs Pension Liability (Report from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)...[nerd advisory, but a great read to understand the topic]:

State Employees Retirement System
Teachers Retirement System