A&R's 38th Annual Convention & Scholarship winners

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A&R held its Annual Convention on April 22nd.  We thank all of the members who were able to participate.  This was our union's 38th Annual Convention, maintaining a long standing tradition.  We are proud we were able to conduct the consitutionally required business of the union in a safe manner, despite the pandemic. While little business was before the Convention, plenty of comraderie could be found.  With only the Annual Budget up for consideration, the business portion of the meeting was brief. Treasurer Ally Sexton (Department of Transportation) presented the budget to the assembled delegates, and she answered questions from the floor of the Convention. After discussion the Annual Budget passed unanimously. Other officers of the union were on hand to answer member questions. Formal, written Officer Reports were distributed.  The necessary business of our union was successfully conducted. Thank you to those that attended.

Our elections were uncontested and the following individuals were elected:

2nd Vice President:      Tommy Smalls (DRS)
Secretary:     Mary Graziosa-Norton (DMV)

Representative Assembly Members:

Stacie Albert (DCF)
Lewis Button (SOTS)
Dave Dettore (DSS)
Nathan Karnes (DOH)
Zhijian Li (DOT)
John Loughran (DOI)
Ondria Lucky (DEEP)
Pamela Mabry (DMHAS)
Dave Markowski (DOT)
Rhonda Salvatore (SEEC)
Rich Wysocki (DSS)
Barbara Young (DMHAS)

Scholarship Award Winners:

Harry Zilber Award:  Amani Jones (Katara Jones DRS)

Darlaney Chanthinith (Patty Chanthinith DOE)
Ethan Peplau (Joe Peplau DCP)
Camryn Jeffko (Kevin Jeffko OAG)
James Sullivan & Kathleen Sullivan (Maureen Sullivan DPH)
Julia Collins (Barbara COllins DRS)
Fanola Dede (Denisa Dede DOL)
Edward Jankoski (Robert Jankoski DOI)
Amanda Lipka (John Lipka DRS)
Cara Melchionne (Philip Melchionne DOT)
Audrey Sevigny  & Olivia Sevigny (Adam Sevigny CAA)
Wiktor Sxwajger (Beata Szwajger DESPP)
Garrett Testut (Brian Testut DOL)