Governor Wishes To Speak

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It is expected that the Governor will announce that he wants to speak to the State Employee Unions.  The Governor's office has reached out to union leadership and requested a meeting within the next few days to discuss the fiscal impact of COVID-19.  Should the Governor wish to speak to union leadership, we will certainly listen, but he must realize that the unions have talking points as well.  Such points will be focused on the brave and persevering efforts of our front-line workers who continue to keep the State operating during this pandemic.  We want to ensure the safety of our members and give respect to the efforts our members have made in maintaining their obligations during difficult circumstances.   Part of that respect would include honoring the fact that we have persisted through this crisis and that our contracts are the result of years of efforts and sacrifices.  We are only speculating as to what the Governor wishes to discuss, but regardless, we will seek to uphold the best interests' of the membership.  Have confidence in the fact that, as a union, there cannot be any changes to our contract without a vote by the membership.  If there is to be any modification to our contract, the membership will have a say.  We will keep you informed as frequently as possible.

- posted May 1