Healthcare Open Enrollment Runs from May 3 thru May 28

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Health and Dental Open Enrollment runs from May 3 to May 28, 2021...this is the only time during the year you can change your insurance plan (unless there is a life changing event).

Look over the options and the pricing and submit any changes to your agency HR/Payroll before the May 28 deadline.  Here is the link to the Open Enrollment information

There are some new pieces to the healthcare plan, including a new dental option and a new medical plan: Anthem Prime (this was actually introduced last year but many were not aware of it).  Both new plans are a little more affordable than the traditional POE and POS offerings.

Since the health plan terminologies seem to be getting a bit cluttered, we will try to simplify things:

CareCompass: is basically the hub of the State Employee health plan, everything you want to find about the State Employee health plans can be found at
Healthcare Navigator/Advocate: this is a subsection of the CareCompass where you can resolve billing issues, find doctors, seek out incentives/cash rewards for using Networks of Distinction/Centers of Excellence
Networks of Distinction/Centers of Excellence: another subsection of the CareCompass where you can earn rewards for utilizing certain doctors/facilities for procedures/care. this is also a subsection of CareCompass where you can find your individual requirements for care each year.

Important note #1: if someone needs to be removed from the insurance plan, you must notify your agency at the appropriate time (but now would certainly be a good time if you missed the original "appropriate time").  Some of those appropriate times are:

Upon finalization of a divorce
Dental: The month after a dependent turns age 19 they must be removed
Medical: The end of the calendar year in which a dependent turns 26 (some exceptions apply)

Important Note #2:  The HEP requirements are back in place for 2021, so please make sure you make any necessary appointments prior to 12/31/21.