Layoff Notices Issued At Dept of Labor

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UPDATE 8/13/15
CTDOL is expected to re-issue the "bumping" options offered to the employees noticed for layoff. The initial bumping options omitted statewide lateral displacement and omitted use of comparable classes. The State has now acknowledged its misinterpretation of our contract and will be re-issuing the "bumping options".on Thursday August 13 or Friday August 14.


The CTDOL has issued layoff notices to 7 A&R employees with an effective date of October 1, 2015.  CTDOL has eliminated 1 Revenue Examiner 3, 4 Revenue Examiner4s, and 2 UC Tax Admin Supervisors positions (generically referred to as RevExaminer 5s).  All of the employees in the targeted positions have over 20 years serving in A&R and as a result will most likely have "lateral displacement" rights.  It is possible that employees at other agencies (most likely DRS) may be impacted by lateral displacement rights afforded to the impacted employees.  The impacted employees will make a decision on their 'bumping' options' within the next several weeks and the bumped/displaced employees will be notified at that point. 

The State will (most likely) send out "at-risk" letters to employees who have the possibility of being impacted through the "bumping options" granted to the DOL employees.  The "at risk" letters are not a notification of layoff, merely an indication that an employee may be impacted through the bumping/displacement process.  Please contact the A&R office (860 953 1316) if you receive an "at-risk" notice and have questions relating to its purpose or impact.

Employees "at-risk" is determined by years of service within A&R for employees within the targeted class or job series or classes deemed comparable.

Key persons have some protection from being hit via lateral displacement from another agency but not through bumping down within an agency.

P-5 Comparibility Table

P-5 Seniority List (7-17-2015)

P-5 Key Persons