Members being removed from HEP for non-compliance

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The following is information provided to us from SEBAC:

Members (and their dependents) who were not in compliance had received information in the mail detailing that they were not in compliance and the steps to take to prevent being removed from the HEP program.

Members who filed no objection about removal were removed effective 10/1/2014 (which will show up in their 10/3/14 paycheck).    

The majority of members who did file an objection were not removed.  Some have already been cleared and found to be in compliance, and some have been placed on the Health Care Cost Containment Committee's (HCCC) agenda for October with a request for more information.  

Members who were removed at Monday's meeting (9/8/14) will begin receiving letters beginning Wednesday (9/10/14) explaining what happened and how it can be fixed.

(1)  Members who take action to fix the non-compliance on or before the 3rd can be prevented from suffering any adverse consequences if they provide physician's attestation forms or other evidence of compliance to CMS on or before that date.    It is possible their forms will be received too late for the Comptroller's office to prevent the $46 from being subtracted from the 10/3 paycheck but it can be returned.   So people still have a chance to fix this if they act soon.   Members who don't act until after 10/3 will not be able to be returned to the program until November 1st at the earliest, assuming they come into compliance before then

(2)  Members whose compliance issue includes failure to get a colonoscopy will receive a separate mailing informing or reminding them that an alternative to that procedure is a yearly Fecal Occult Test.   Scheduling a colonoscopy before October 4th may be very difficult, but getting a FOT test done by a primary care physician before then may be possible.