A&R Union - Employee Request For Transfer Form

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The A&R Union office maintains the “swap” list (this
is not the DAS transfer list), so contact the A&R office if you wish to be considered for “swaps”.  Click HERE for the form.
Here are some of the highlights and requirements:
- If you swap with another employee, it has to bewith someone in your exact job title...your salary and step will stay the same. You cannot swap to ahigher, lower or comparable job title;
- Once a swap is complete, you cannot return to
your prior agency; a swap is final;
- No vacancies will be used — it’s just a switch of employees between two agencies in the same job title;
- Full disclosure to the involved agencies will be made of personnel and disciplinary records and an agency’s denial of a swap cannot be grieved.
MOU VII of our contract for full details (on page 91-92 in the Blue Contract).