Updated COVID-19 Guidance

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Admittedly, it is getting a bit confusing, but a new guidance is out...this guidance updates a few items related to leave time.  The gist is this:  if you have NOT taken the full 80hrs of LOPD (COVID related time), you can now access any of the time not taken for any of the acceptable reasons to utilize LOPD.  Further, you can access that time intermittently...this is a change b/c it was originally presented as a 14 day clock from the first day you accessed the time even if you didn't use it for 14 consecutive days; now it is an 80hr time "bank" that doesn't need to be taken in full-day segments nor on consecutive days.

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As an update to other items: 

1) There have been no further meetings with the State regarding raises, furloughs, etc.

2) We expect that the "work-from-home" directives will continue for at least another month (and reasonably it should continue for longer).  We have heard all positive experiences from agencies thus far so telecommuting should continue rather than be scaled back.  Many are operating under a split of in-office & telecommuting;  while in the office, everyone should be adhering to the practices of social distancing, masks, and hand-washing.  We are (once again) pushing to eliminate Kronos from our vernacular, it is our understanding that this disgusting contraption has not been crushed to death yet, but let's face reality, it was an overbearing, obnoxious cess-pool of a management tool before this COVID mess, and now it is all of that as well as clearly a dirty, unsanitary germ-trap which no one should be subjected to use...again, if the State wants to save money....need I keep pointing to this boondoggle or will someone finally step to the plate and declare this for what it is: a complete waste.

3) A&R social activities have been put on hold for now, we are still hoping that we can hold our Maneeley's picnic on August 28th.  We are seeking guidance from the venue as to how we can pull this off while still maintaining health pre-cautions.  If we think we can reasonably make this happen, we will make it happen.  So keep the date open and we will let you know as we continue to monitor the conditions.

4)  In lieu of other events, A&R will try to put together some on-line activities/games with a prize for the winners, stay tuned, the Social Committee is working their magic to get this under way.