Paycheck Update Friday 6/17


We are aware of at least two agencies that are addressing paycheck errors. At DRS many employees did not have their Top Step Payments processed, and at DOI some rate increases were not effected. We also have sporadic reports of isolated errors from other agencies. In each of the instances we are aware of, the agency has committed to correcting the errors by the next paycycle.

If you suspect your paycheck is inaccurate, please notify your HR department to correct the discrepancy. 

If you have questions about the paycheck, please feel free to contact the union office via phone (860 953 1316) or via email directed to one of the A&R Officers or to the general email address of

- posted 6/17

Paycheck Update

We understand that there are many questions and that there may be a few isolated problems regarding the recent paycheck.  The State is looking into a few of the potential issues. 

  • If you suspect your paycheck is inaccurate, please notify your HR department to correct the discrepancy. 
  • If you have questions about the payout, please feel free to contact the union office via phone (860 953 1316) or via email directed to one of the A&R Officers or to the general email address of

Upcoming Paychecks

We want to remind members of what to expect in their paychecks and how the year one & year two monies of the successor contract are to be implemented.  If you note an error, notify your HR rep immediately.

June 17 Paycheck:

  • $2500 Lump Sum
  • 2.5% GWI
    • year 1 rate increase kicks in, associated back pay expected in July 15 check
  • *Step increase/Top Step Payments
    • this is the year 1 step increase, associated back pay is expected in the 7/15 check

July 15 Paycheck:

  • Backpay on year one GWI (2.5% from 7/1/21 thru 5/19/22)
  • *Backpay on the year one Step Increase (12/31/21 thru 5/19/22)
    • *assumes January anniversary date

July 29 Paycheck:

  • $1000 Lump Sum
  • 2.5% GWI (year 2 increase kicks-in on time)

December 30 Paycheck:

  • Step increase/Top Step Payments (year 2 on-time / assumes January anniversary)

- posted 6/15

Aetna to be Retiree Medicare Advantage Plan Administrator

As you may already be aware, the Comptroller's Office has awarded Aetna the right to administer the Retiree Medicare Advantage Plan - to be the Plan Administrator for retiree health benefits.  This change will in no way impact benefits under the plan.  No changes to doctors.  No changes to network.  No financial impact to retirees.  The plan will cost the State about $130 million less per year, the result of competitive bidding, with no impact to retiree benefits.  Collective bargaining provided SEBAC the opportunity to review the changes, and to voice labor's opinion about the changes at t

A few updates/reminders - 5/20/22

Contract Wage Adjustments:

June 17 Paycheck: the $2500 Lump Sum along with the 2.5% GWI and any Step/TopStepPayment will be reflected in this paycheck.

July 15 Paycheck: will reflect all of the backpay for the 2.5% (from July 1 through May 19th) as well as the backpay for the Step Increase (December 31 through May 19th) [the increase from May 20 through June 3rd will be reflected in the June 17 paycheck]. 

July 29 Paycheck: will reflect the next 2.5% increase as well as the $1000 Lump Sum (these will therefore be made on-time).

Telework Schedule Requests:
Reminder, if you wish to Telework between July and December of 2022, you need to submit a Telework Schedule in May (the generic rule is that Telework Schedules need to be requested twice per year, 30 to 60 days prior to July and January).

NOTE: DOT and DSS employees: although the resolution from the Labor Board does not require all employees of these agencies to re-submit a Telework Schedule Request, we STRONGLY encourage you to do so anyway based upon the past/recent conduct of these agencies in following and interpreting Telework agreements.

Healthcare Open Enrollment:
Reminder that the Healthcare Open Enrollment is occuring right now.  If you wish to make changes to your medical or dental plan for next year, you need to do it before May 27, 2022.  Changes can be made in CORE-CT or by submitting the CO-744A form.  If you have a dependent child over age 19 who was removed from the dental plan, you can now add them back on the plan until age 26, this is new!  You will need their SS# and a copy of their birth certificate.

View the Healthcare Options available to you, please visit the OpenEnrollment web portal here.
View the Medical/Dental Comparisons
View the Medical/Dental Bi-weekly Deductions
View the 2022 HEP Requirements

Social Events:

A&R has lined up several activities for 2022 hoping to bring everyone back together.  Below are a number of events we have lined up so far, hope to see you all at these events soon!

August 6 - Saratoga Races    flyer    register online
August 26 - A&R Summer Picnic at La Bella Vista in Waterbury   flyer    register online
September 24 - SOLD OUT! Yankees/RedSox at Yankee Stadium    flyer
November 20 - Radio City Christmas Spectacular     flyer    register online
December 2 - A&R Holiday Party at the Aquaturf (in-person!)     registration is not open yet
December 3 - Do Your Own Thing New York City (registration is not open yet)

Masks Recommended:
The CT Department of Public Health is recommending that masks be worn in all State buildings.  This is not a requirement, however, the COVID numbers are on the rise and pre-cautions are being recommended by DPH.

Planning to Telework through Year End? You NEED to re-apply now!!!!

A reminder to all members that telework schedules must be resubmtted for consideration by management every 6 months.  The refresh period commences July 1.  If you want to continue teleworking, you must reapply well before July 1.  Below is the portal for Telework Applications as well as other important telework communication links.  Keep us informed of what is going on at your agency so that we can best represent your interests.