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A&R Store

A&R gear is now available for we set out to launch our trial run at sales there a couple of things to note: first, we are not doing this for profit, our pricing is just to cover the actual costs of each item. Second, we do not have a ship-to-home plan in place, so all orders will be sent to the A&R office.  Next, we do not have a direct payment agreement in place so we will be charging your atm/credit card in-house and that charge may appear as "Am Fed of Teachers" rather than as a charge to A&R (it's how our bank account was set up).  State Sales taxes are already incorporated into the listed price.

To make a purchase, simply follow this link:  make a purchase

Fleece Jacket - Item #123990-M

A&R Fleece Jacket - $39

Cork-Bottom Mug - Item #137887

A&R Logo, Cork-Bottom Mug  - $9 each

A&R Winter Hat - item #I6051

A&R Winter Hat - $11

A&R Winter Gloves - Item #120157

A&R Gloves - $19

A&R Blanket - Item #100125

A&R Blanket - $28

A&R Travel Mug - Item #147035

A&R Travel Mug - $15