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FMLA Guidelines: DAS General Letter 39

New SEBAC 2017 FMLA/Supplemental Leave Benefits

Under SEBAC 2017, allows use of Sick Leave under FMLA-Caregiver

Bargaining unit employees may use their sick leave to care for an immediate family member in circumstances which would meet the requirement for qualified family care under the Family and Medical Leave Act or other state or federal family medical leave provisions. Use of sick leave to which an employee is entitled under this paragraph shall not be deemed an incident or occurrence under an absence control policy.   Family and Medical Leave for such employees shall be governed by federal law and by C.G.S. §31-51kk.     In addition, employees shall have the ability to take unpaid maternity, paternity, or other childrearing leave for up to four months beyond the expiration of any leave otherwise due under this section or under the FMLA, and as is current practice, employees may extend personal medical leave for up to 24 weeks after all other leaves have expired and with appropriate medical certification.

Under SEBAC 2017, Supplemental Leave May Used:
The extra 24 weeks referrenced in the last sentence above is referred to as Supplemental Leave.  Supplemental leave is now available to all Permanent Employees

24 Weeks of Supplemental Leave for "Own Health Condition"

  • begins after exhaustion of FMLA
  • begins after exhaustion of all sick leave accruals/worker's Comp wage replacement
  • can only be taken as a block of time
  • may choose to use PL, Vacation, comp time, advanced sick leave, extended sick leave, sick leave bank

24 Weeks of Supplemental Leave for "Caregiver"

  • begins after exhaustion of FMLA
  • can only be taken as a block of time
  • may choose to use sick leave, PL, Vacation, comp time
  • Note: A&R has 5 days of Sick Family, this is NOT to be used when covered under FMLA Caregiver...Sick Family is for use during non-FMLA absences.

Supplemental Leave for "Bonding" (Child birth, adoption)
(up to 4 months in a 2-year period, not the full 24 weeks)

  • begins after exhaustion of FMLA and (if biological mother) disability leave
  • may use as a block of time and/or may seek agency approval for reduced schedule
  • may concurrently take Parental Leave (5 days of sick time) while under Supplemental Leave
  • may choose to use PL, Vacation, comp time


FMLA Forms

FMLA Request Form FMLA HR1 (must be accompanied by a P-33A or P-33B below)

FMLA P-33A (for own illness)

FMLA P-33B (for family member/caregiver)

FMLA Return to Work Form FMLA HR3 (this is to be submitted prior to beginning a block of time absence, this is not the "Fitness For Duty" form which is the last page of the FMLA P-33A and may be requested upon completing a leave of absence).