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Layoff Info

For clarification, the bumping should work as follows when an initial notice is given:

  1. Must hit least senior in your job title in your agency; no other option if this exists.
  2. Otherwise, or the person impacted by #1 gets the following options:
    1. Statewide Displacement in job title (avoiding any Key Person)
    2. Bump down in job series in agency
    3. Bump in agency using comparable classes (from Comparability Table)
    4. Accept layoff
  3. Those impacted by #2a-2c can then choose:
    1. Bump down in job series in agency of layoff
    2. Bump in agency of layoff using comparable classes (from Comparability Table)
    3. Accept layoff
  4. Those impacted

Exercise Of Rights Form
Complete this form and return to your agency HR Department as soon as possible but absolutely submit within the first 28 days from Date of Layoff Notification

Seniority List 4/1/17 (pdf)
Seniority List 4/1/17 (xls)

(Corrections to the seniority list must be made through Human Resources at the agency level)

Comparability Table
If you elect to bump within the agency of the layoff, then you may bump down within your job series or within a title deemed comparable based on this table