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A&R Voting

Today, the A&R Convention Call was mailed out to all members (non-members will not receive the Convention Call mailing).  The Convention Call is a notice to members that our elections for Officer, Member Representative, and Delegate positions are forthcoming.  It is important to note that ONLY A&R members can vote in the union elections.  If you are not signed up as a member then you cannot how do you know if you are signed up as a member?  Basically, most people are signed up (we only have 150 people who have not signed up and the VAST majority of those are recently hired employees.  If you have received an email from A&R/President John DiSette within the last couple of days, that probably means you are NOT a member and if you would like to vote in the elections then you need to sign up by March 4 (use this link to sign up as an A&R member).

...but it's not just important to sign up for this election cycle, it will also be necessary to be signed up to have a vote in our upcoming wage package.  Non-members do not get to vote on the wage proposal for this year either.  Beyond that, we will also be negotiating our full contract later this year and non-members will not have a say in negotiations nor in the final outcome.  So check your State email, if you received an email from A&R/President John DiSette this week, it is probably a notification that A&R has not yet received your A&R card and you need to sign up (again, use this link)

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