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Health Enhancement Plan

Healthcare Premium Rates 2024

Healthcare Premium Rates 2023

Healthcare Premium Rates 2020

Healthcare Premium Rates 2017
(every year there is a slight adjustment to these rates so they will not be exact over the years)

Vitals SmartShopper

SmartShopper is a new part of our healthcare cost savings and is a program run by a company called “Vitals”.  The goal is to find high-quality, low-cost locations for a host of medical procedures/screenings.  Medical procedures can fluxuate in pricing by hundreds or thousands of dollars for the same procedure from one location to another.  If you use SmartShopper to find the more cost efficient locations/doctors, then you will be sent a cash reward. 

As consumers of medical services, we typically don’t know (and don’t ask) what is the actual cost of the procedure/service/test.  We simply want to know the cost of our co-pay, not the cost to the insurance plan.  The healthcare industry is complex and equipment and specialties vary greatly in price, even for the same procedures.  Our Health plan currently addresses the issue of vastly different prices through Site of Service and Preferred Providers.  Through Site of Service, preferred locations for Lab/Pathology/Radiology carry a low co-pay while non-preferred locations carry a hefty 20% to 40% co-pay.   The Preferred Providers is an incentive program which could lead to the co-pay being waived.  In the same way, SmartShopper provides a “reward” if you utilize their service in selecting a location for medical services.

The process is fairly simply, create an account either by phone (1-844-328-1579) or visit   When you need a medical procedure or screening, contact SmartShopper.  A SmartShopper “Personal Assistant” will help you select a location and set up the appointment.  This process will generate a “code” which will prompt a reward to be mailed out once the claim is paid by the insurance company.

The SmartShopper plan is an optional piece of our Healthcare plan.  It is there if you want to earn rewards for the procedures and screenings you may need and can provide a large cost savings to the State’s overall healthcare expenses.  More explanation on SmartShopper.

Lab and Radiology Coinsurance Waiver Form

Use this form if you seek a waiver for the coinsurance charges in connection with lab or radiology services at a non prefered site of service provider.

Physician's Notification Form (Attestations/Exemptions)   Use this form if your doctor determines that an exemption from a HEP requirement is appropriate, or as verification that a HEP requirement was completed.

HEP Requirements at a glance

Check your compliance at
(as a reminder, the password requires at least 8 characters, at least 1 capital letter, and at least 1 number)

Drug Co-Pay Rates:

Preferred Generic                      $5 co-pay
Non-Preferred Generic              $10 co-pay
Preferred Brand Name              $25 co-pay
Non-Preferred Brand Name      $40 co-pay

Emergency Room Co-payment Waiver Request Form

Use this form if you seek a waiver for the $250 co-pay for a visit to the emergency room.