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Longevity and Scholarship Winners


Longevity - Reminder that the final paycheck in April and the final paycheck in October are when "Longevity" payments are made for those who qualify (must have over 10 years of service and hired prior to July 1, 2011); this means that Longevity payments are due in this week's paycheck.

A&R Scholarship Winners for 2024

A&R would like to congratulate the winners of our annual Scholarship Awards and thank our Scholarship Cmte members for their time and efforts in making this happen every year.

$2,500 Harry Zilber Scholarship Award winner:

Sara St. Germain daughter of JoAnn St. Germain, FAO, DORS


$2,500 Mike Winkler Public & Community Service Scholarship winner:

Kaylynne Pham daughter of Mai Pham, Accounts Examiner, DCP


High School Graduate Award Winners ($1,500):

Kayla Kastenhuber daughter of Maria Kastenhuber, Fiscal Admin Supervisor, DCF

Jayden Hunter son of Crystal Hunter, Accounts Examiner, OPM

Zachary Adams son of Jennifer Adams, Accountant, DOT

Julia Talbert-Slagle daughter of Jamie Talbert-Slagle, Staff Attorney 3, OOC

Wesley Smith son of Patrick Smith, Museum Curator 1, CSL

Lindsay Kjar daughter of Thomas Kjar, Revenue Examiner 3, DOL

Katelynn Little-Davis daughter of Kathy Little, Accountant, DSS

Victoria Brito daughter of Ligia Pena, WC Education Coordinator, WCC

Benjamin Roth son of Lixiang Xiao, FAA, DAS


Post-High School Awards ($1,500)

Melanie Trotochaud daughter of Mark Trotochaud, Occupational Hygienist, DOL

Seth Trotochaud son of Mark Trotochaud, Occupational Hygienist, DOL

Emma Klementon daughter of Klemes Klementon, Principal Financial Examiner, DOB

Gabriella Foster daughter of Erica Foster, Staff Attorney 3, DOL


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