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Meet Your Local Lawmakers

Have you ever had a chance to sit down with your State Rep or State Senator?  AFT-CT has set up Lunch Meetings with local State Reps/Senators.  These are low-pressure meetings where you and many other union members in your area get to grab a meal and talk to or listen to their State Legislators.  The meeting and lunch are free to all A&R members and we actually have a very important item that we need the legislature to support this session: our wage increases!!!

One of the worst things we can put forth is a message to the legislature that we really don't care enough to show up and tell them we expect them to vote in favor of our wage agreement.  The events are "regional" so no one has to drive across the State to attend, there will be one that is close by regardless of where you live.  A&R encourages everyone to attend at least one of these events and simply being there will showcase our intent to pass our wage package. 

Registration is helpful in planning out the amount of food to pre-order, so please register...but if you forget to pre-register, it is still helpful for you to attend.

Click here to view the Regional Event calendar

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