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A&R Appeal Work for OJE Progresses

The work of Don Levenson, A&R consultant, former A&R member and Principal Attorney (DPH), along with Marsha Goldberg (DSS), and Lynn Murphy (DOL) continues on our OJE appeals, which were filed in March of 2012. 

Peggy Buchanan, an associate A&R member and a staff member of Connecticut AFL-CIO, has also been working with A&R on the OJE appeals.  Peggy has worked on all A&R OJE projects. 

SEBAC 2011 provided that no OJE appeals will be funded before July 1, 2013, and that any job classifications found to have significant changes in job duties shall not receive retroactive pay prior to July 1, 2013.  The last OJE report was issued in early 2011. 

That report determined that only two DAS job classifications within A&R were found to have significant changes in their job duties.  There were only three incumbents in those two job classifications, and the changes did not result in pay increases. 

The State and SEBAC have not chosen the arbitrator who will hear the appeals we have filed.

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