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OJE Settlement

A&R has settled its OJE/SCOPE appeals through a negotiated agreement with the State.  The settlement will be rolled out over the next 6 months and in addition to adjusting the salary grade for incumbents in several job classes, the agreement will create several new job classes while adding career paths to several job series.

New classes:

   ERP Financials Business Analyst salary grade AR24 effective 12/27/2013

   ERP Financials Business Specialist salary grade AR27 effective 12/27/2013

   ERP Financials Business Team Lead salary grade AR30 effective 12/27/2013

   Paralegal Specialist3 salary grade AR22 effective 7/11/2014 (any Paralegal 1 or 2 would qualify for this title if they hold or obtain a recognized paralegal degree or certificate)

    Research Analyst Supervisor salary grade AR28 effective 7/11/2014

    Supervising Cost Analyst salary grade AR29 effective 7/11/2014

Salary Grade Adjustments:

   Transportation Public Conc Inspector change salary grade from AR18 to AR19 effective 3/7/2014

   Paralegal Specialist1 change salary grade from AR18 to AR20 effective 3/7/2014

   Financial Examiner (Banking) change salary grade from AR22 to AR23 effective 3/7/2014

   Lead Special Investigator (ME) change salary grade from AR23 to AR24 effective 3/7/2014

   Associate Retirement Benefit Officer change salary grade from AR25 to AR26 effective 3/7/2014

   Vending Facility Supervisor change salary grade from AR25 to AR28 effective 3/7/2014

   Contract Specialist change salary grade from AR26 to AR27 effective 3/7/2014

    Contract Team Leader change salary grade from AR29 to AR30 effective 3/7/2014

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