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Pandemic Pay

7/10/23 Update  (5/31/23 Original post)

A&R has been working through over 250 Pandemic Pay Appeals and we still have 40 unresolved...for all of those that have been resolved, we are hoping that payment will be in the July 13 paycheck but we cannot guarantee this will be the case. If we have notified you that you are all set, then just know that your payment is pending and if it didn't make it into this paycheck, it should be in the July 27 paycheck; for all other appeals (including those disputing HighRisk/LowRisk), we are still pursuing those appeals and we will let you know when we receive a final determination.

6/30/23 Update  (5/31/23 Original post)

As of 6/30 we are assisting approximately 250 A&R members with Pandemic Pay related issues.  The unions fought to secure this benefit for you; it is important to us that you receive what you have earned.  We ask for your patience as we work our way through the  process. 

We are aware that many of you that had expected to receive payment in the 6/16 or 6/29 paycheck did not in fact receive payment.  If this is the case, understand that this does NOT change the fact that you are due an award, it simply means that it has not yet been processed but will be processed in a future paycheck. 

If you have not received a payment and you believe you worked more than 180hrs "on site" between March 20, 2020 and March 27, 2021, you need to complete the Pandemic Pay Review Request form to initiate an appeal.  This is the appeal form

6/1/23 PM Update  (5/31/23 Original post)

We are aware that many of you have attempted to access the Pandemic Pay Review Request form and have not been successful upon submitting it.  Our understanding is that this is due to a technical issue and that the problem is actively being addressed.  We ask for and appreciate your patience while this problem is being resolved.  If you were unsuccessful in submitting a review request form, we suggest that you wait a bit and attempt to do so again a little later today, or again Thursday/Friday of this week.


The Pandemic Pay web portal is now open!  This site was created for State Employees to look-up/review their calculated Pandemic Pay Award prior to the issuance of payment (which is expected in the June 15 paycheck for active employees; retirees will be paid later this calendar year).  If your award seems inaccurate, or your name does not return a result but you believe you should have one, then please complete the Pandemic Pay Review Request form.

Link to the Pandemic Pay Look-up Portal

If you worked at least 180hrs on-site (not Teleworking) during the period of March 20, 2020 and March 27, 2021 then you should have an award.  To check, follow this link and plug in your EmployeeID and Last Name.

The formula for the amount of the award is listed below:

To Qualify for an Award: 
The timeframe for determining whether you receive an award is all hours worked outside of the home between 3/20/20 and 3/27/21.
You must meet the minimum of 180 regular work hours outside of the home or 200 overtime hours outside of the home.

Terms for Calculating Your Award:

HighRisk Payment (first-responders/congregate settings/healthcare facilities):  First 180hrs = $250, each 100 additional hrs = $136
HighRisk Overtime: First 200hrs = $270, each 100 additional hrs = $136

LowRisk Payment (all others who worked outside the home): First 180hrs = $125, each 100 additional hrs = $68
LowRisk Overtime: First 200hrs = $135, each 100 additional hrs = $68

Incorrect Hours/Calculation Listed or No Result when there should be one, fill out the Pandemic Pay Review Request form.

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