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Pandemic Pay Portal

-UPDATE 4/27/23:  The "Look-up" portal may be delayed until the first week of May as the underlying data set is still be reviewed

The Comptroller's Office has created a portal for employees to review their pandemic pay award (the portal may be available as early as Monday 4/24/23).

Link to the Look-up Portal

If you plug in your information and do not get a result, then you are not scheduled to receive a Pandemic Pay award.  Payment is expected in the June 15 paycheck.

To Qualify for an Award: 
The timeframe for determining whether you receive an award is all hours worked outside of the home between 3/20/20 and 3/27/21.
You must meet the minimum of 180 regular work hours outside of the home or 200 overtime hours outside of the home.

Terms for Calculating Your Award:
HighRisk Payment (first-responders/congregate settings/healthcare facilities):  First 180hrs = $250, each 100 additional hrs = $136
HighRisk Overtime: First 200hrs = $270, each 100 additional hrs = $136

LowRisk Payment (all others who worked outside the home): First 180hrs = $125, each 100 additional hrs = $68
LowRisk Overtime: First 200hrs = $135, each 100 additional hrs = $68

Incorrect Calculation Listed or No Result When There Should Be One:
If you believe that your calculation is incorrect (or you should be getting a payment but none is listed), there will be a SEBAC (union) Google doc link to report your appeal for review (this appeal link will be available soon).  UConnHealth employees may not find their name on the list, UConn employee information is being assimilated but that may not have been completed just yet.  

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