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Pension Catch-up Recovery

It has come to A&R's attention that the State is seeking to recover funds from some miscalculations related to the 2018 Pension Catch-up.  A&R has filed a grievance on this issue as our contract [Article 24 Section 11(b)] limits the "Look Back and Recovery" period to 5 years from the date of determination (The 2018 Catch-Up period exceeds the 5 year look-back). Further, in accordance with the A&R contract [Article 24 Section 11] any attempt at further collection shall be stayed until the grievance process is complete.

If you received notification that you have a balance due for the 2018 Pension Catch-up and have already paid the request then A&R will be seeking recoupment for you as we believe that recovery violated our contract.  If you have recently been given notice that funds will be deducted from your paycheck then please notify your HR/Payroll that A&R has filed a grievance on your behalf contesting the repayment and therefore (in accordance with Article 24 Section 11), there should be no repayment until the grievance is resolved.

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