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Personal Safety and Security Tips for Employees

As a reminder, the Department of Administrative Services, Statewide Security Unit would like to offer the following practical suggestions concerning personal safety and security that you can and should make a part of your normal routine regardless of where you are, whether it’s work time or personal time.

 ·    Do not walk alone.  Instead, walk in groups with co-workers as there is strength in numbers.

 ·    Always be alert to your surroundings, look around and be observant; do not become distracted by cell phone conversations, texting, etc.

 ·    Avoid shortcuts through alleys.

·     Walk in well-lit and high traffic areas where you can both see and be easily seen.

 ·    Use sidewalks and stay near the street away from dark building entryways.

 ·    Portable music devices can be distracting and make you less sensitive to potential danger.

·      Above all else always trust your instincts; they are usually correct, so if something doesn’t seem right, remove yourself from the situation immediately.


Published by the Communications Office of the
Department of Administrative Services

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