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Planning to Telework through Year End? You NEED to re-apply now!!!!

A reminder to all members that telework schedules must be resubmtted for consideration by management every 6 months.  The refresh period commences July 1.  If you want to continue teleworking, you must reapply well before July 1.  Below is the portal for Telework Applications as well as other important telework communication links.  Keep us informed of what is going on at your agency so that we can best represent your interests.

TELEWORK APPLICATION:  Telework Applications must be submitted every 6 months between 30 and 60 days prior to the start of each re-fresh period (July 1 and January 1)  So submit telework applications in May and November each year.

  • All Telework Applications are to be submitted through this webportal


- posted 5/2

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