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Rowland Layoff Letter Update

Update 11/24/14

The law firm of Silver, Golub, Teitell has set a date of  December 1, 2014  to have the forms completed and submitted to them. 

For those members affected by the Rowland Layoffs, the plaintiff’s law firm is actively discussing a settlement with the State and needs information from those impacted by the layoffs.  A form was created by the plaintiff’s law firm and must be filled out and submitted by all impacted employees (anyone who laterally displaced, bumped down, laid-off, retirement in lieu of layoff).

If you have not already submitted your form, please do so quickly (if you cannot complete the form by Dec 1, 2014, please complete and submit as soon as possible anyway).

A&R requests that you send the form to the law firm and the A&R office.

Click HERE for more information.

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