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Service Ratings are due by the end of September (no need to remind anyone to do your rating, just know they are due).  Here are a few key points regarding the Service Ratings, more details can be found in the A&R Contract under Article 10:

  • You must sign it even if you don’t agree with the rating, signing it is not agreement.  It is your contractual obligation to acknowledge that it was given to you.  
  • If your ratings are all Satisfactory or better, then you cannot grieve the ratings.
  • If your ratings are all Satisfactory or better, then it is up to you whether you want to accept the comments page (comments belong on a separate page, they should not be on the same page as the ratings).  You do not need to sign the comments page and the comments will not become part of your Service Rating for the year if unsigned.  
  • You may file a grievance for any mark that is “Fair” or “Unsatisfactory”.  
  • If you have an “Unsatisfactory” mark or three “Fairs”, this would constitute an “Overall Unsatisfactory" rating and you are highly encouraged to speak to an A&R Steward quickly, as there is a 30 day window to file the grievance.
  • If your rating has only one “Fair” and has no “Unsatisfactory” marks, then you qualify for the Step increase on December 29, 2023.
  • If your rating has one “Unsatisfactory” mark or two “Fair” marks for the second consecutive year you will not qualify for a Step increase.

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