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Telework Cap - DOT & DSS Prohibited Practice Complaint

A stipulated agreement has been reached between the parties (SEBAC & The State) addressing the misapplication of the Telework Policy at DSS & DOT.  The direct result of this union action, over 430 union members at DOT and DSS are now eligible for four hours compensatory time per the stipulated agreement reached between the state and SEBAC.

The stipulated agreement provides that the agencies shall reevaluate the telework applications of affected employees.  The affected employees shall be credited with four hours each of compensatory time.  In the event the reevaluations take longer than fourteen days to complete, the employees so affected shall receive an additional two hours of compensatory time.  The stipulated agreement was signed on April 28 and can be seen below.  Lists of employees eligible for the compensatory time are also povided.

Stipulated Agreement

DSS employees eligible for 4 hours comp time

DOT employees eligible for 4 hours comp time

Note for OAG folks:  The pending arbitration grievance for the OAG telework appeals are not part of the stipulated agreement, and will be resolved via the arbitration process.

- posted 4/29

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