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Update From DAS Statewide Security

The following is a news release from DAS Statewide Security.  A&R will let our members know when any security briefings are scheduled by DAS for State Employees.


In an effort to provide state workers and members of the public with the most up to date information on security measures in the wake of the sexual assault near 10 Clinton Street, the following information is provided.

Following the sexual assault near the 10 Clinton Street facility, DAS Statewide Security has been in contact with the State Police and the State Capitol Police.

Following the assault, an advisory concerning the incident was sent to DAS employees and nearby facilities, along with common sense security tips.

A review of our security posture is being conducted. Employees are reminded that security escorts  are available at any time upon request.

Statewide Security is reviewing the incident with the state’s contracted security company and will make adjustments to protocols and assignments as necessary. In the short term we will likely establish a bicycle patrol for the Capitol Avenue area buildings to increase visibility and mobile surveillance. Additionally, guards will be directed to circulate in assigned areas to establish a better level of visibility.

Statewide Security will coordinate with local, state and Capitol police to evaluate security measures and make appropriate adjustments. Statewide Security will schedule security briefings at state agencies in the Capitol area over the next several weeks at which recommendations and feedback from state employees will be welcomed.


Published by the Communications Office of the
Department of Administrative Services

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