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Wage Re-Opener Tentative Agreement

A&R, in conjunction with our coalition partners at SEBAC, have reached a Tentative Agreement with the State on the one-year wage re-opener of our contract.  The Tentative Agreement calls for a 2.5% GWI in July 2024, and a Step Increase/Top Step Payment in January 2025...there are no changes to Telework nor any other contract provisions...this is a clean "wages-only" agreement.  All increases would be "on-time".  

It is our sense that it would be preferable to lock-down on-time wage increases which include a moderate 2.5% GWI plus a 3% Step Increase rather than engage in a protracted wage negotiation over the one year re-opener with an uncertain outcome.  By agreeing to these terms we do not run into complications with the State budget limitations (such as the Spending Cap and the Volatility Cap) and we won't hinder/delay negotiations on our full contract come September. 

In order to be effectuated, the agreement must be passed by both A&R membership as well as the Connecticut Legislature.  If this passes the membership vote and the legislative vote, this would represent the first time in 22 years that A&R members have received 6 consecutive years of general wage increases and step increases.

Lastly, this wage agreement will include an commitment that the State will begin to discuss some important transformational issues including:

(a) recruitment and retention, (b) bonding leave for State Employees, (c) formalizing responsibilities relating to Objective Job Evaluation (OJE) processes, and (d) providing an easier path to purchase military time for pension purposes.


All active members of the A&R union get to participate in the ratification vote for this wage package.  We expect this vote to occur around March 12, 2024.  We want to ensure all P-5 members have the opportunity to vote on the wage agreement, so if you are not enrolled as an A&R member, please do so by using this link to our online registration (if you are not a member of A&R, we will try to reach out to you via email in the next several days to let you know).  Membership sign-up for current non-members must be submitted by March 8th in order to vote on ratification. 

We will be communicating with A&R members via this website and via email blasts to your home email.  If in the past, you have not been receiving A&R e-blasts, it is for one of two reasons:

Prior to a membership vote, we will hold several information meetings via Zoom for A&R members as well.


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