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2024/25 Wage Re-Opener Passes


Our Wage Re-opener Agreement is now final!  Today (April 23, 2024) our Wage Re-Opener Agreement passed a full floor vote in the Senate as well as a full floor vote in the House…that means it has been adopted!  The House voted in favor 106 Yea to 44 Nay.  The Senate voted in favor 24 Yea to 12 Nay.  There is no need for a Governor’s signature, it is final!

As a reminder, the agreement calls for a 2.5% raise on June 28th (meaning you will see it in your July 25th paycheck) and there will be a Step Increase/Top Step Payment effective December 27th (meaning you will see that in your January 23, 2025 paycheck).  Top Step Payments are 2.5% of your annual salary and Step Increases are roughly 3%.

Here are our (very unofficial) wage charts effective July 1, 2024.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to call their House Rep and Senator.

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