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2024/25 Wage Scales Finalized

Effective June 28, 2024, all employees will receive a 2.5% General Wage Increase.  The newest pay scales have been finalized and can be found here: A&R Wage Scales 2024/25

The 2.5% increase will be seen in your July 25th paycheck (which covers the payperiod of June 28 thru July 11).  Since our contract expires on June 30, 2025 these pay scales will remain in effect until we have a successor agreement.

Also in July, Tier 4 employees will see the 2% Pension Shortfall surcharge removed from their paychecks.  This surcharge has been in place since July 2023 and will be removed in July 2024.  If the State achieves its target Pension Return Rate of 6.9% in 2024 then this surcharge will not re-appear next year.

Lastly, for those who receive an "overall good" service rating in September, there will be a Step Increase effective December 27, 2024.  Step Increases are roughly equivalent to a 3% increase in salary.  Those at the Top Step of the pay plan (Step 9) will earn a 2.5% Lump Sum Payment on December 27 in lieu of a Step Increase. 

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