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A&R Wage Re-opener Voting Results

Voting on the 2024 Wage Re-opener Tentative Agreement has closed and the membership has overwhelmingly voted to ratify and accept the Tentative Agreement.

Thank you to all of the members of the A&R Negotiations Committee for your help in delivering this Tentative Agreement to the membership.  Thank you to the A&R stewards who rallied the members and got the message out.  Most importantly, thank you to all of the A&R members who participated in this contract vote.  The union draws its strength directly from the membership so we thank all members who participated in the process.

However, this agreement is not finalized!  Our raises are not yet guaranteed.  The next and final step in the process is for the Tentative Agreement to be voted upon by the Legislature.  Many representatives in the state capital would prefer that you forgo this raise.  We are urging all A&R members to contact their State Representatives and Senators to tell them to vote in favor of the Tentative Agreement.
  There is a nice web portal that identifies who your State Rep and State Senator are so you can contact them (do not call your US Rep or US Senator, they aren't involved in this process at all).

Use this webpage, click "Find" then click on the State Rep/Senator's name to get their contact info.

All you need to tell your legislators is that you live in their district and there is a State Employee Wage Re-Opener coming up for a vote this session and you want them to support you and your family and vote in favor of the Wage Agreement.(you will most likely talk to a staffer, not your Rep/Senator)...simple but an important step.

Attached are the UNOFFICIAL 2024 A&R Wage Charts if the agreement is passed by the legislature.  We generated these charts so everyone can determine their wages as of July 1, 2024, keep in mind that these are not the official/final wage charts (ultimately, these may be off by a penny or two due to rounding; they are generally accurate but the official wage charts may vary slightly).


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