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Social Activities Returning!

Some time has passed since A&R has held an in-person, social event. We did hold several "drive-thru" picnics and holiday parties; and those were unique and fun in their own way...but we feel like we've had enough of that stuff, we want to return to group events!  We know not everyone is ready for group settings and not all venues are fully functioning and prices are a wee-bit high right now...but!!!  So we are lining up several events for this year.  Yes, things are a little pricier but we all need to socialize so a couple of dollars extra is well worth it.  This is what we are currently lining up:

...first, we are starting with another round of online BINGO, the first round filled up quick, so we are opening up a second round of online BINGO for those who couldn't attend the March event.  Yes, prizes included this time around as well!

Tuesday April 19th - Online BINGO:To register, follow this link (important, write down your code when you register!  On game-night, click that link again and enter your code into the area that reads "Returning Player, Rejoin Game")

Saturday August 6th - Saratoga Racing: This is Whitney Day at Sarasota, with three grade-1 races, the winner of the Whitney Stakes earns a berth in the Breeder's Cup, so this is a big day for Saratoga Racing.  View Flyer to Register

Friday August 26th - A&R Summer Picnic: typically this summer classic was held at Maneeley's, but it wasn't going to work out this year, so we are going to try out La Bella Vista in Waterbury.  Same idea tho: games, raffles, food, drink, etc.   This year, wine & beer are free.  View Flyer to Register

Saturday September 24th - Yankees v Red Sox at Yankee Stadium  View Flyer to Register


Q&A live with Retirement Services Division

The Comptoller's Retirement Services Division has announced they will be holding interactive meetings on MS TEAMS weekly, between now into June 2022 to answer your questions about retirement.  The meetings are open to anyone considering retirement.  To participate you must book your session through the online booking link below:

Link to register for Retirement Services Q&A TEAMS Meeting

Other helpful resources on the topic of retirement can be found here:

We are republishing the Comptroller's Retirement Services Division Memorandum 2021-03 in its entirety here.  It is an informative memo from the Comptroller's Retirement Services Division explaining the changes that will become effective July 1, 2022 as a result of the 2017 & 2011 SEBAC Agreements previously ratified by the membership in those years (the contract changes recently ratified by the A&R membership and currently before the Legislature awaiting passage do not impact retirement benefits).

The Comptroller's Retirement Services memo discusses the changes in three broad categories:

  1. retirement age
  2. retiree cost-of-living adjustments (COLA)
  3. retiree healthcare rules changes.

As most members are aware, the changes are somewhat complex.  Intended to provide instruction to Human Resource and Payroll Officers, the memo is a good source for all state employees in the SERS (State Employees Retirement System).

Link to Retirement Services Division Memorandum 2021-03

- posted 4/4

Contract Sent To The Legislature

All of the 30+ unions have officially ratified their contracts and all of the union contracts were submitted to the CT General Assembly last Friday.  The contracts will be given a "fiscal note" and sent to a legislative committee for a vote.  Typically, the Appropriations Cmte will take up the contracts first.  If the contracts pass in committee, then they will move to the floor of the House and the Senate.  Both chambers need to seperately pass the contracts in order to attain final approval.  Full House & Senate votes must be done within 30 days of submission, this means the Legislature is supposed to complete its votes on our contracts by the end of April (a Governor's signature is not needed as it was the Governor's Office that achieved the contract agreements).
Proposed Contract Changes
Proposed Wage Scales


A Final Farewell To All of Our April 1 Retirees!...and BINGO!

THANK YOU:  A&R would like to congratulate all of the long-time State Employees who plan to retire on Friday 3/31/22.  We thank you for all of your years of service and for never letting down the people of CT who have unknowingly relied on you and your efforts throughout the years.  We thank you for all you have done and wish you the best in all that is to come.  Your union will continue to support you and your well earned benefits throughout your retirement just as you have supported your union throughout your career.  We truely hope that you enjoy the next stage in your life, stay safe and be well!

BINGO:...a tough transition here...but BINGO filled up fast, so we will set up another BINGO night for April 19 for those who couldn't join us tonight...but for those those who signed up for BINGO tonight, please remember to check your email to get your cards and to log into the Zoom site before 6PM so you can hear as we call out the numbers.  We will see how many games we can fit in tonight, but here is the planned order of patterns for tonight:

Double Bingo (2 bingos on 1 card)
"L" pattern
Triple Bingo (3 Bingo's on 1 card)
"%" (4 in the top left corner, 4 in the bottom right corner and a complete forward slash thru the middle)
"T" pattern
"X" pattern
"S" pattern
"$" pattern
2 Postage Stamps (block of 4 in 2 corners)
Block of 9
Jail Bars (all of the "B"s, all of the "N"s and all of the "O"s
Fill the Card


The membership has spoken in a unified voice and has overwhelmingly voted in favor of ratifying the contract.

Thank you to all of the members of the A&R Negotiations Committee for all your hours of hard work to deliver this contract to the membership.  Thank you to the A&R stewards who rallied the members and got the message out.  Most importantly, thank you to all of the rank and file A&R members who turned out to participate in this contract vote.  Without your participation, none of these improvements to our contract would become a reality.  The union draws its strength directly from the membership.  We thank all members who participated in the process of making our contract a better vehicle for our employment.  We thank everyone who participated in the collective bargaining process.

This is not finalized. The next and final step in the process is for the contract to be voted upon by the Legislature - which is certainly not a given.  We are urging all A&R members to contact their State Repressentative and Senator to tell them to vote in favor of the state contracts.

- posted 3/25

Contract Vote



LINK TO THE VOTING SITE (If this link doesn't work in your current browser, try another browser)
You must have your credentials (username/password) on hand to vote.  Your username/password were sent to your home address, so check that stack of mail you have sitting on the counter for a 4x6 postcard.

If you have not received your credentials in your mailbox by now, please use this link to contact with your name and HOME EMAIL address, we will email your credentials to you.

If you are NOT a member of A&R, you must register as an A&R member first!  Use this link to register as an A&R member!

If you would like a full copy of all of the exact wording changes in the contract, please notify with your name & home email address and we will send it to you.