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Service Ratings are due by the end of September (no need to remind anyone to do your rating, just know they are due).  Here are a few key points regarding the Service Ratings, more details can be found in the A&R Contract under Article 10:

  • You must sign it even if you don’t agree with the rating, signing it is not agreement.  It is your contractual obligation to acknowledge that it was given to you.  
  • If your ratings are all Satisfactory or better, then you cannot grieve the ratings.
  • If your ratings are all Satisfactory or better, then it is up to you whether you want to accept the

We have several vacancies in the steward ranks due to the recent retirement wave. We are looking for the next generation of union stewards to step forward to protect and serve our fellow members. The time to apply is now and we welcome your application. If you think one of your union brothers/sisters may make a great steward, please tell them and encourage them to apply.

Applications are welcome from any agency. Our greatest current needs are it at DRS, DAS, DESPP, DMV, OPM, and DEEP, (both Hartford and PURA in New Britain).

Union stewards advocate for their colleagues in the workplace


We have become aware that an email is circulating amongst the staff at DRS requiring A&R union members attending the upcoming Professional Development seminar to justify in writing to their supervisor how the seminar relates to the employee's job assignment, in order to have the leave approved.  The requirement DRS is imposing misses the fact that the seminar, which is being sponsored by A&R, has long ago received all necessary approvals from the Office of Labor Relations.  We developed the seminar's framework with the explicit intent and understanding that it be applicable and beneficial to


A&R Candidate Endorsements

The A&R COPE committee (chaired by Lew Button) endorses candidates in every election year.  In CT, odd years mean "local elections".  This year, A&R is again seeking to endorse candidates running for local office who are committed to supporting working families and the collective bargaining process. A&R, typically, does not make numerous endorsements in local elections however, we generally like to support our own A&R members seeking elected office.  If you are seeking a local office and would like an endorsement from A&R you must complete/submit our Endorsement Application by our September 17th deadline.

Download the Endorsement form for A&R Members

Download the Endorsement form for non-A&R Members


Members who are enrolled in the Health Enhancement Plan and have one of the defined "chronic conditions" and completed all of the annual requirements within the calendar year of 2022 will be receiving their $100 payment in their September 9 paycheck (all requirements must have been completed DURING the calendar year to qualify for the $100 payment).

As a reminder to everyone: in order to remain on the HEP you must complete certain healthcare exams during a calendar year (exams are listed below, the frequency of the exams is age/gender dependent so not every exam needs to be done



8/20/2023 BINGO and Beer at Hops on the Hill (no cost). BINGO starts at 2PM so arrive earlier, limited seating (view flyer) (register online)

9/1/2023 A&R Summer Picnic at LaBella Vista (view flyer) (register online)

10/21/2023 Haunted Happenings - Salem, MA (view flyer) (register online)

11/26/2023 Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (view flyer) (register online)

12/2/2023 NYC - DoYourOwnThing (view flyer) (register online)