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The SEBAC lawsuit concerning the Rowland layoffs is nearing the final stagtes of settlement.  There are two steps remaining:  (1) The Connecticut General Assembly must review the settlement.  If the General Assembly takes no further action by June 1, 2015, the settlement will be deemed approved.  (2) The Court must approve the settlement.  The Court will schedule a hearing in the early fall in which it will consider whether to give final approval for the setlement.

A SEBAC class action home page has been developed presented on the website of Silver Golub and Teitell, LLP.  On this home page you


New guidelines have been issued by the Comptroller's Office which now require that, under our health plan, prior authorization be obtained  for compound medications containing non-FDA approved ingredients.  The issuance of the new guidelines was made by the Comptroller's Office without the consent of SEBAC.  As a result SEBAC has filed a grievance contesting the state's right to unilaterally establish guidelines without SEBAC's consent.  Follow the link to an FAQ issued by the Comptroller's Office regarding the new guidelines.

Compound drugs, which are largely unregulated, may contain non-FDA


Bill Tracking in the General Assembly

AFT-CT provides the lobbying efforts for A&R, this is the latest update on bills progressing through the General Assembly.  List of Bills

A&R Upcoming Bus Trips

Settlement Agreement on Rowland Layoffs

While the full details are not yet available, it has been announced that a settlement agreement has been reached between SEBAC and the State relating to the Rowland layoffs of 2002/03.

The A&R Union will hold meetings to discuss the settlement and the recovery process as soon as possible. 


Legal Notice To Impacted Employees
Opt-Out Form (only if you do NOT want to be included in the lawsuit settlement)
Published Legal Notice

Atty General Jepsen's explanation to the General Assembly
outline of the settlement
general Q&A
press release from SEBAC

updated 7/14/15     original 4/28/15

The Appropriations Committee has released its proposed budget for 2015/16 (FY16) and 2016/17 (FY17).  The proposal appears to indicate that there are no 'across the board' layoffs for State employees, no early retirement plans, and no furloughs.

Most agency budgets remove or limit inflation and all vacant positions will be eliminated.  The licensing of accountants will remain at the Board of Accountancy in the Secretary of State's Office and not move to the Dept. of Consumer Protection as the governor proposed.

The State's contribution to the State Employee Retirement System is fully funded.