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Stewards Wanted

We are looking for individuals who speak multiple languages and live and/or work in Eastern and Southern Connecticut to join our stewards ranks.

If you are interested in helping protect our rights and representing our members when called before Managment, email the chief steward at:

Maximize Your HEP Requirement Exams and Screenings!

In recognition that it can be time consuming and difficult to schedule age-specific preventative health care for you and your eligible dependents, UCONN Health Center has reserved blocks of time for State Employees and their dependents to remain compliant with the HEP program.  Click MORE for details.


Its Union Made

Looking to support working families and buy Union Made products? Looking for toy ideas for your local charity? Click HERE for a list from the AFL-CIO.

Advisory and Guidelines for State Employees Regarding Ebola

The Governor's Office and the CT Dept of Public Health have released the following guidelines and advisory for State Employees related to the Ebola virus.  

Ebola Advisory

UPDATE - 10/22/2014

The law firm of Silver, Golub, and Teitell LLP has sent a letter and a form to all union members affected by the Rowland layoffs.  If you were affected by the Rowland layoffs, please look for the letter and form to arrive by mail during the week of 10/18/2014 through 10/25/2014.  A copy of the letter and form can be downloaded from this link:  Rowland Layoff Form


The Healthcare Cost Containment Committee met on Monday Sept 8, 2014 to review HEP enrolled members and begin the process of removing them for non-compliance with 2013 HEP Medical Screening requirements.  Click MORE for additional details.