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A&R has filed an institutional grievance related to the upcoming Lump Sum Bonus payments.  A&R employees who were on their 9th Step and therefore did not receive a step increase on 12/27/2013 are eligible for the Lump Sum Bonus. 

The 2011 A&R contract extension calls for a lump sum payment equal to 2.5% of the annual rate, however, the State is applying a payment of 2.5% of the annual pay rate as calculated prior to August 26, 2013 (i.e. - prior to the 3% GWI).  The result will be a payment slightly lower than should be expected.  The institutional grievance will cover all affected employees so


A&R has settled its OJE/SCOPE appeals through a negotiated agreement with the State.  The settlement will be rolled out over the next 6 months and in addition to adjusting the salary grade for incumbents in several job classes, the agreement will create several new job classes while adding career paths to several job series.

New classes:

   ERP Financials Business Analyst salary grade AR24 effective 12/27/2013

   ERP Financials Business Specialist salary grade AR27 effective 12/27/2013

   ERP Financials Business Team Lead salary grade AR30 effective 12/27/2013

   Paralegal Specialist3 salary


Click MORE for an update on the OJE grievance - Job Reclassification (SCOPE) appeal.


The A&R Representative Assembly voted to accept the tentative agreement which would enhance the pension plan for Tier 2/2A/3.  Final ratification of the tentative agreement could come at SEBAC’s January meeting.  A majority vote of SEBAC Unions present and in good standing will be required to ratify the agreement. 

The pension changes would increase the ‘below breakpoint multiplier’ from 1.333% per year of service to 1.4% per year of service.  The ‘above breakpoint multiplier’ will remain at 1.833% and the ‘above 35 years of service’ multiplier will remain at 1.625%.  These changes will apply


Nurses and Techs "Back To Bedside" At L&M Hospital, Administrators End Illegal Lockout.  Click HERE for the full story.


The Representative Assembly (RA) appointed Alice (Ally) Sexton to the vacant position of A&R Secretary at its December 19, 2013 meeting.  Ally works as an attorney at the Dept. of Transportation, she is one of our many active Stewards, and she previously served as Secretary of A&R from April 2011 through June 2013.

Please take the time to congratulate Ally on her appointment to Secretary of A&R!