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Contract negotiations with the state regarding the one-year wage reopener are finalized, a Tentative Agreement has been reached.  The next step in the process is for the membership to weigh in.  Before that can happen, we are holding membership meetings via zoom to inform the members on the agreement. 


A&R, in conjunction with our coalition partners at SEBAC, have reached a Tentative Agreement with the State on the one-year wage re-opener of our contract.  The Tentative Agreement calls for a 2.5% GWI in July 2024, and a Step Increase/Top Step Payment in January 2025...there are no changes to Telework nor any other contract provisions...this is a clean "wages-only" agreement.  All increases would be "on-time".  

It is our sense that it would be preferable to lock-down on-time wage increases which include a moderate 2.5% GWI plus a 3% Step Increase rather than engage in a protracted wage


Every year, A&R awards scholarships to qualifying children of A&R/AFT Local 4200 members or children of former A&R members who are now members of the A&R Retiree Chapter. 

Nine scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each will go to 2024 high school graduates or seniors who have been accepted to and will be entering a post-secondary educational institution.  These are one-time only awards. 

Four awards in the amount of $1,500 each will go to post secondary students who are continuing their education.  The continuing student awards are also one-time only, but the recipient may previously have


Recently, the Comptroller's Office sent notice to all employees regarding changes to the HEP requirements.  Basically, the new requirements are far easier to remember and make it easier to obtain compliance with your healthcare requirements.  Some of the changes will be implemented for 2024 and some will become effective calendar year 2025.

View the new HEP Requirement Chart

In 2024, dependent children (up to age 26) will only be required to have 1 dental cleaning per year starting at age 6+; there will be no other HEP requirements for dependent children going forward. Employees and Spouse


The following release was issued by SEBAC:

The risk-sharing provision of the Tier IV pension plan – which covers most state employees hired after 7/31/2017 – was implemented for the first time on July 1, 2023 and will run through June 30, 2024. That provision permits the State to increase employee contributions by half of the amount by which the plan’s investment returns failed to reach the projected average amount of 6.9% in the prior calendar year, up to a maximum of  2%.

In calendar year 2022, the SERS fund’s investment income was far below the 6.9% annual benchmark with a net


Have you ever had a chance to sit down with your State Rep or State Senator?  AFT-CT has set up Lunch Meetings with local State Reps/Senators.  These are low-pressure meetings where you and many other union members in your area get to grab a meal and talk to or listen to their State Legislators.  The meeting and lunch are free to all A&R members and we actually have a very important item that we need the legislature to support this session: our wage increases!!!

One of the worst things we can put forth is a message to the legislature that we really don't care enough to show up and tell them